DUALTREAT® is an integral solution for concrete floor cleaning, treatment and maintenance of industrial floors. Due to its versatility customer needs are fully covered. Regardless whether your floor is new, dirty or in need of renovation; with DUALTREAT® Densifier or DUALTREAT® Protective Sealer you will create a dust-free and extremely hard surface, very resistant to chemicals and protected against ingress of water, oil, grease, etc.

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Surfaces treated and maintained with DUALTREAT® are very easy to clean. The maintenance costs will considerably decrease. The floor surface will be 100% dust proof and look smooth and shiny. The DUALTREAT® system is designed to treat and maintain existing industrial concrete floors. It consists of the following 3 components that own in each case a full performance guarantee.

  • Concrete densifiers and protective sealers
  • Grinding machines and grindinag tools
  • Industrial floor maintenance and cleaning program

Ultimate Concrete Densifiers Concrete Sealers

The last generation of DUALTREAT® concrete densifiers and concrete sealers have been developed with microFORMULA® technology. This creates a „cross-link“ effect that binds the concrete pores much quicker and compacts the concrete surface in a more complete manner than conventional systems. Your concrete floor will be protected, dust free for many years and its  abrasion resistance is increased by more than 400%.


new x lineup

LAVINA® Grinding Machines Grinding Tools

The new X-Series from LAVINA® have been designed to increase efficiency and productivity on floor grinding processes, with minimal equipment maintenance. The performance of the wide range of vacuums is especially tailored to the grinding machines. Grinding tools of SUPERABRASIVE® satisfies all client needs. They are versatile and compatible with many machines from other manufacturers.


Concrete Floor Cleaning Concrete Floor Maintenance

The DUALTREAT® DeepCleaningPad removes difficult stains from concrete surfaces. Once the floor has been cleaned, the daily maintenance with ShinePro® Pads from SUPERABRASIVE® will be executed quick and with a minimal effort. With DUALTREAT® you are able to drastically reduce the maintenance costs of your industrial floor and maintain the surface in perfect conditions for many years.


DUALTREAT® densifiers will create a dustproof and easy to clean surface. Treated floors will be harden and abrasion resistant to mechanical loads. Protective Sealer is recommended to protect porous surfaces against water ingress, oil, grease and chemicals.

Machines and grinding tools from DUALTREAT® are suitable to be used on almost any kind of existing floor surfaces, such as concrete, natural stone, terracotta etc. The system is very requested by companies specialized in restoring dusty, dirty or old concrete floors.

DUALTREAT® DeepCleaningPads will remove difficult stains effortless. The only machine that you will need is a scrubber dryer or floor buffer. Just mount the DeepCleaningPad on the machine and enjoy a stainless floor within a short period of time.

ShinePro® pads are a professional floor cleaning utility that can be used easily by anyone on almost all kind of floors. They have been designed to be used on cleaning machines such as scrubber dryers and floor buffers. The pads are impregnated with microscopic industrial diamonds. Depending on the grit if offers several finishes, from mat to high gloss.

Our Stengths


DUALTREAT® converts your costs in an investment. With the X-Series grinding machines from LAVINA® combined with the grinding program from SUPERABRASIVE® you own an ultimate grinding system. Together with the DUALTREAT® maintenance and cleaning program the aspect of your industrial floor will remain shiny, dust free and protected for many years.


Due to many years of research we have achieved an experience in knowledge of the usual weaknesses of industrial concrete floors. We would enjoy to make you available this expertise in order to eliminate the detected vulnerabilities and to support you in creating an impeccable industrial floor with our advice and the corresponding tailored solutions. Give us a call!


Our concrete floor cleaning systems require no use of chemicals and are environmentally friendly. The treatment of surfaces can take place without any interruption of your production facilities. Industrial floors treated with DUALTREAT® can be used again immediately after the treatment.



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